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by Liner Sleeves Auto Industries

Things that affect your cylinder liners & reasons behind wearing

Every machine whether it’s your laptop or a milling machine get worn out after certain time period. There is no machine that could run without maintenance and regular checkups to enhance durability. Here, we shall discuss about numerous reasons and factors that affect cylinder liners and how this can be controlled.

 Reasons behind cylinder liner wearing by India based manufacturers:


Sliding between two surfaces causes frictional wear. In cylinder liners, pistons are the surfaces that slide over each other and produce friction. There are various factors on which friction wear depends:

  • Surfaces movement speed
  • Material type
  • Temperature
  • Load on engine
  • Lubrication
  • Maintenance
  • Pressure
  • Combustion efficiency


The corrosion occurs when the heavy fuel oil burns in the combustion space. The fuel oil has high sulphur content and during combustion, acid formation takes place within the space which needs to be neutralized by cylinder liner oil (that is alkaline in nature). The more suphur content will result in more production of acids and leads to sulphuric acid formation.

The sulphuric acid corrosion takes place in the lower part of the cylinder liner due to low temperature of jacket water.



Abrasion wear of cylinder liner occurs when hard particles are present and formed in the space during combustion. Manufacturers of cylinder liners in India generally provide guide to keep the user update about such wear issues, so that essential measures can be made and the cylinder liner can be rescued.

The guide for essential measures:

  • Avoiding entrance of water inside the cylinder liner by treating the fuel oil properly
  • Maintaining correct amount and quality of cylinder oil
  • Avoiding moisture entrance from the charge air
  • Maintaining temperature of water jacket

All these measures are shared by leading manufacturers of cylinder liner in India to rescue liners from early wear or damage. The other cause of wear can be overloading. The wear rate can be increased when your engine gets overloaded. Therefore, you need to pay attention over these critical components to avoid early breakdown.

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