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Cylinder liners market in India seeking growth


Cylinder liner, a hollow cylindrical shell, acts as the enclosure within which combustion happens. Manufacturers of cylinder liner India are making these products robust and providing them enough strength to withstand the high level of hoop stress.

The market of cylinder liners and auto parts in India is seeking more growth. More manufacturing companies are designing efficient auto parts and components for modern cars to meet the standards and specifications. OEMs shops in India are limited and they are exporting their products to worldwide clients.

Little acknowledgement about cylinder liner:

Manufacturers use CI material to fabricate cylinder liner due to its lubricating properties. Cylinder liner has good strength and anti-corrosion property. It offers a good surface for the piston and allows them to slide along its length. Cast iron material is porous in nature that prevents and minimizes the risk of seizure of the piston when the cylinder liner is at operating mode.

However, the cast iron material is not strong enough and thus, manufacturers mix small quantity of elements like copper, chromium, or nickel. Manufacturing of small liners is done by centrifugal casting, where as sand casting method is used for larger liners. The inner cylinder liner surface is usually chrome plated. But it doesn’t allow oil to spread out effectively and so, lubrication is done in bad manner.

You should know that a cylinder liner having cylindrical shape is a removable part. It is made from close grained cast iron. In four stroke cycle engines, they are flanged at the top end to offer space and secure them within the cylinder blocks or to the water jacket.

Below the flange, there is a joint ring made of copper or in a heat resistant rubber. The lower end has rubber rings that seal the area. These rubber rings are used for preventing oil leakage from the crankcase to water jackets.

The cast iron has a self lubrication property due to the presence of graphite content. You can still adjust the oil supply through the individual lubrication pumps placed at the engine front at the control level. Excess oil will get removed from the liner through piston oil scraper rings, and deposited in the scavenge air space.

Manufacturers of cylinder liners and other auto parts are seeking more business opportunities outside the country. Cylinder liner India market has leading suppliers that are offering their comprehensive range at competitive rates. You can search them online and get more details.