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Why Your Diesel Engine Need To Keep Engines Away From Water?

Diesel Engine Parts Manufacturing Unit Advice To Keep Engines Away From Water?                                                               



Nothing can harm more the engine when it comes to water. Water is the greatest enemy of all for diesel engines. The presence of water causes corrosion and rust formation on system components and infrastructure. Modern variety of fuel systems are pretty less tolerant than lower pressure systems, that diesel engine parts manufacturers now specify zero free water must reach the engine.

Water damages to fuel tanks and engine parts. It builds up a hard layer of rust and corrosion in the tank that further results in engine wear. The life of the engine parts get shortened by water etching, cavitation, erosion, and spalling. Learn about the same more in detail-

  • Rust- When water comes in contact with iron and steel surfaces, it produces iron oxide, which forms rust. Rust particles that get inside the fuel cause abrasive wear to parts. Premature wear may cause sudden breakdown of the engine parts. 
  • Corrosion- it is the most ordinary reason of injector problems. Water combines with acids present in the engine fuel to corrode both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. 
  • Abrasion – In terms of viscosity, water is below the diesel and thus, it offers less of a lubricating “cushion” between the opposing surfaces of automotive parts. This results in increased abrasive wear. 
  • Etching – It is caused by water-induced fuel degradation that develops hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid that demolish metal surfaces. 
  • Cavitation and pitting – Pitting occurs when free water flashes on hot metal surfaces. Cavitation happens when vapor bubbles rapidly imploding when exposed to sudden high pressure, which leads to condense back into a liquid. These water droplets impact a small area with huge force and leave it eroded and fatigue. 
  • Ice- Do you know? Free water present in the diesel fuel can form ice crystals that can behave like any other hard particles. They can create wear in engine fuel systems and clog filters. 

These are the direct damages caused by water to diesel engine. Reputed Diesel engine parts manufacturers have just shared a list of issues that can breakdown diesel engine and all these issues are born by presence of water in the engine fuel system.